Boosting Estrogen Naturally for Hormonal Balance

Hormonal imbalance has many possible causes besides menopause, prostate including thyroid malfunction.

Although estrogen levels decrease as you grow older, doctor you can supplement your body’s production naturally. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has the advantage over regular HRT in that it provides nature-identical hormones rather than synthetics.

In addition to hormones, however, you can supplement decreasing estrogen levels through your diet. A number of common foods are surprisingly high in estrogen content. These include:

1. Soy beans

This legume that has given us dairy alternatives such as soya milk and delicious ingredients of Asian cuisine such as tofu and tempeh contains fairly high levels of estrogen, as well as decent levels of nutrients such as potassium and vitamin A. There has been some concern in the medical community that consuming soybean oil might increase the risk of breast cancer, but organic soybeans in forms such as tofu provide protein as well as a natural source of estrogen. Beware of genetically modified soybeans as they tend to dominate the market.

Boost your estrogen levels naturally with a number of common foods, including sprouts and legumes.
Boost your estrogen levels naturally with a number of common foods, including sprouts and legumes.

2. Other Legumes

If you are unsure about soybeans, there are numerous other legumes that are known for boosting estrogen naturally. Chickpeas, black-eyed peas, green peas and black beans are all estrogen sources. Black beans are particularly rich in hormones, containing 5, 330 micrograms of estrogen per 100 grams of beans. This is more than 5 times the quantity found in chickpeas. Besides being a natural source of estrogen, legumes are a great source of protein and fibre.

3. Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and have also been observed as strong sources of estrogen. This means that a regular helping of the sprouts can assist your body to restore hormonal balance. While this naturally alleviates some of the symptoms of menopause, there is a downside to loading up on alfalfa. Too much estrogen increases your chance of developing breast cancer, so if you have a family or personal history of cancer, make sure you only eat these sprouts in moderate quantities.

BHRT and Cholesterol – Lower yours Naturally

Lower your cholesterol the natural way through diet.
Lower your cholesterol the natural way through diet and enjoy numerous benefits – including losing excess weight, click or maintaining your ideal body weight. Stay healthy, stay happy.

Over the years there have been conflicting reports on how hormone replacement therapy affects women’s bodies. One of the topics of debate has been whether hormone replacement reduces or increases cholesterol levels. Those within the medical established who initially suggested HRT lowers cholesterol later admitted that lifestyle factors of women undergoing therapy have to be considered.

This raises an important point: If you need hormone therapy to regain a feeling of control of your body, you do not have to simply take hormones and hope for the best. Rather, you can counteract even rumoured unwanted health effects through smart lifestyle changes.

Lower your Cholesterol the Natural Way through Diet

Cardiovascular disease is one of the largest health risks for women around the average age of menopause onset (51). Yet there are numerous lifestyle changes you can adopt in addition to going on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

In addition to losing excess or maintaining ideal body weight, you can eat a diet rich in cholesterol-fighting foods. Keeping saturated fat intake to a minimum will lower your risk of heart disease, but there are also specific vegetables that help avoid cholesterol build-up.

Nutrients that help Lower your Cholesterol

Particular nutrients that benefit your body by reducing cholesterol and saturated fat in your arteries include lecithin, Vitamins C and E and niacin. These nutrients help to clean the arteries. Legumes are a particularly good source of lecithin, particularly soy beans. Fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of vitamin C help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and this helps to maintain properly functioning arteries.

Seeing that diet can be effective in lowering high cholesterol, you can take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy without worrying about naysayers who claim negative effects on cholesterol. As with any treatment, supplementing with healthy lifestyle changes is the best way to maintain balance and good health.

Free yourself from your hormone prison with BHRT

Free yourself from your hormone prison with Dr Alison's Hormone Success System.
Free yourself from your hormone prison with Dr Alison’s Hormone Success System.

Feeling overtired? Stressed? Not yourself?

These symptoms could be a sign that your hormone levels aren’t quite where they should be and may need evaluating by a medical professional.

Most people don’t notice when their bodies start shifting out of balance. It can start with symptoms such as low energy levels, and can grow to include exacerbated stress levels, fatigue, headaches, and more.

Symptoms can occur gradually, almost invisibly, and can masquerade as the side-effects of stress:

  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Feeling overtired with low energy levels
  • Headaches and discomfort
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain

However, if these symptoms fail to dissipate and they become the “norm” instead of the exception, you may feel that you’re unable to do anything about it. You could become trapped inside a hormone prison that prevents you from being your normal, healthy self.

That’s where Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy comes in. It’s a natural approach to restoring your body’s hormone levels by using hormones that are bio identical in structure to those that are found in your body. Boosting and replacing your missing hormones will help to eliminate the symptoms that are holding you back, freeing you from your hormone prison and leading to a happier, healthier you.

If you feel that you’re unusually low on energy and you think that you may suffer from a hormone imbalance, get in touch with me. We can begin evaluating your personal hormone profile and start the journey towards restored health and natural vitality.

Use An Holistic Approach To Treat Hormone Imbalance

Every year, sale thousands of women seek treatment for hormone imbalance. This imbalance is brought about by the aging process, doctor environmental factors, click and genetics.

hormone imbalance
In addition to BHRT, an holistic approach would include other facets of your life, such as sleep, diet, and exercise.

In the past, physicians prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT),  which used synthetic hormones to treat those symptoms. However, HRT is not a natural treatment, and it caused unfortunate side effects in some patients.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has emerged as an alternative to HRT. Since its development, BHRT has been used to treat women who suffer from symptoms related to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and to help with menopausal side effects.

The advantage BHRT offers over traditional treatment is that its hormones are derived from plants, making BHRT a natural and safer alternative to synthetic hormones. BHRT hormones contain the same molecular structure as those produced naturally within the body. Thus, a person registers no difference between BHRT hormones and those produced within her body. Another advantage is that BHRT is unique and tailored to meet the exact requirements of the patient, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach of HRT.

Just as a prudent consumer would check product quality regarding anything she puts in her body, one should always err on the side of caution and choose natural treatments whenever possible.

In addition to BHRT, an holistic approach would include other facets of your life, such as sleep, diet, and exercise. An adult typically requires seven to nine hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. Some older adults have difficulties sleeping at night, but daytime naps can help make up for that lost sleep.

Depending upon your oestrogen levels, as determined by your physician, your diet may need include cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. These greens will help modulate oestrogen.

If your oestrogen levels are low, it may also a good idea to include phytoestrogens in your diet. These abound in soya foods, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, bean sprouts, and legumes, such as beans and peas. These foods can help balance your hormones naturally. Your physician may also suggest other dietary supplements as necessary.

Exercise should also be part of a complete treatment program. While you do not have to devote hours of your time to the local gym, a reasonable amount of moderate exercise is necessary to facilitate a healthy internal system and body weight. This can be accomplished with regular cardio or aerobic workouts, or at the very least, a regular walking or jogging exercise routine as recommended by your physician. When you maintain a healthy weight, your body can moderate your hormones naturally.

Stress management is also important for a complete addressing of hormone imbalance. In addition to regular exercise and an informed diet, meditation is a valuable tool to lower stress levels. If you do not meditate, simply practicing deep breathing for 15 minutes a day, twice a day can improve your sense of well-being and thus, lower stress.

BHRT, when used in a comprehensive medical treatment program that includes a nutritional diet, regular exercise and proper sleep, can lead to faster healing, a reduction in symptoms, and a natural and higher quality of life.

If you would like to know more about how an holistic approach to medical treatment can benefit you, please contact me.

Balancing Hormones By Changing Your Diet

balancing hormones
Some foods, like soya products, are very high in xenoestrogens.

Some conventional doctors tell women that all perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms are the result of decreased oestrogen levels and that the solution is pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy.  Other doctors have noticed that when the hormone levels are tested, some of the symptoms that patients report are actually caused by oestrogen levels that are too high.  If that is the case, increasing progesterone levels with creams, reducing oestrogen levels, or a combination of the two is the solution.

One strategy to help balance your oestrogen levels naturally is through your diet. Balancing hormones by changing your diet first requires that you know how your hormones are out of balance.  You could experiment with diet changes on your own, but without knowing the current state of your hormones, you could make yourself feel worse instead of better.

Xenoestrogens are found in foods.  They’re not completely identical to the oestrogen produced by your endocrine system, but they’re close enough that your body treats them the same.

Here are some foods to consider adding or eliminating, depending upon your oestrogen levels, as determined by a physician:

  • Flax and flax products are very high in phytoestrogens.  Just 100 grams of flax contains 379,380 micrograms of oestrogen. Flaxmeal can be found in many baked goods and flaxseeds are often in the feed of animals you might, in turn, eat.
  • Drying fruit increases the nutrients in a small portion.  Whether that is a benefit or a drawback depends on whether you need those additional nutrients.  Apricots, dates, and prunes have the highest oestrogen levels.
  • Soya is found in many foods, often where you least expect to see it.  It packs 103,920 micrograms of oestrogen into 100 grams.S oya milk and yogurt supplies the biggest oestrogen punch but those aren’t the only options.
  • Legumes, including chickpeas, black beans, red beans, black-eyed peas, and split peas, also carry a higher than average amount of oestrogen.

If your oestrogen levels are low, the above foods can boost them naturally.  If your oestrogen levels are high, these otherwise healthy foods could be contributing to the problem, just as much as the junk food you’re already trying to avoid.

Please contact me for an appointment to learn whether you should be increasing your oestrogen levels or reducing them to bring it into balance with your progesterone level.  A simple blood test can check your levels and set you on the path to feeling balanced and healthy.

Balancing Hormones, Balancing Your Life

balancing hormones
Lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for being out of balance. There are only 24 hours in the day, and so much for the modern woman to do.

In the 21st century, many women often try to do too much.  This leads to our lives being out of balance.  I have often said:  you are not here to keep working yourself into the ground until you are too exhausted to function.  As songwriter and author Julia Ecklar put it, “Living life’s the point of things, but balance is the key.”

Menopause is a normal part of a woman’s life, not something to be referred to as “the change of life” in embarrassed whispers. Menopause affects every woman differently, because every woman is unique.

For some women, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is vital as their oestrogen levels drop.  Many women find bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) less stressful to their bodies, with fewer side effects. Other women do better with a more holistic approach.  Education is the key.  Consult with your doctor to find out what is right for you and your body.

When balancing your hormones, one of the most important things you can do is to eat a healthy diet.  A car won’t run without the right type of petrol.  Your body can’t function without healthy food and a balanced diet.

Exercise is also important.  Exercise increases blood flow, reduces depression, and improves stamina.  Exercise helps you lose fat, improve muscle tone, and sleep better.

Lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for being out of balance.  There are only 24 hours in the day, and so much for the modern woman to do.  Mothers are the first ones up in the morning and the last one to bed at night. If you’re sleep deprived, you’re hurting yourself and you won’t be able to accomplish all you need to do.

Massage can do wonders to relax tired muscles and reduce stress.  There are many variations:  Swedish massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, and deep tissue massage.  Before indulging in a massage, consult with your doctor and discuss your health with the masseuse.  Hot stone massage is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics, or people with high blood pressure.  Reflexology concentrates on the feet, whereas Swedish massage is usually a whole body treatment.  Deep tissue massage is useful for women with chronic or acute pain. It’s for rehabilitating injuries more than just relaxation. It increases blood flow and releases knots of tense muscles.

Every woman is different.  To decide what’s best to help you recover your balance, whether it’s BHRT, a change of diet, a new exercise regimen, or a combination, contact me.

How Women Can Recognize Hormone Imbalances

Many causes for hormone imbalances in women have their genesis in the menstrual cycle, according to the online article, Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women. This article calls hormone imbalance “the incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body,” and asserts that the amounts of these two female hormones can fluctuate from month to month in any individual due to variations in “stress, nutrition, exercise and ovulation, or the lack of ovulation.”

hormone imbalances
The amounts of oestrogen and progesterone can fluctuate each month, due to factors such as stress and nutrition, among others.

In explaining a woman’s menstrual cycle, the article reminds us that oestrogen is only manufactured within the initial 10 to 12 days of the cycle. On about day 28 of the cycle, menstruation occurs as the levels hormones decrease. However, the ovaries only make progesterone if ovulation occurs, and women can menstruate without ovulating. It is this menstruation without ovulation that causes many symptoms of hormone imbalance, as oestrogen now outpaces progesterone within the body.

Even more oestrogen, says Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women, bombards women’s bodies as the result of stress, processed foods, skipped meals, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after hysterectomies, birth control pills, household chemicals and “car exhaust and other environmental xenoestrogens.”

The article, Estrogen Types–Phytoestrogens, Xenoestrogens, Synthetic Estrogens, explains the three versions of oestrogen “made outside the body.” Phytoestrogens–taken from plants like soy beans, red clover, cereal brands, and flax–are “quite a bit weaker than” a woman’s own oestrogen, but may, nevertheless, treat menopausal symptoms. Synthetic oestrogens, of course, are pharmaceutically-produced. But, it is the xenoestrogens, mostly petroleum-based, which are truly toxic to a woman’s body.

Xenoestrogens are “much more potent” than ovary-made hormones, and “too much (environmental) exposure to them can result in problems with…reproduction, and may cause cancer.” Hourly, women use “plastics, electronics, medicines, foods, soaps and pesticides” which are replete with xenoestrogens. And, the runoff from factories inundates our soil, air, and water with these oestrogen-unbalancers.

The unwise “lifestyle choices” described here–along with our information about the ubiquitous xenoestrogens–will, hopefully, convince women to mentally check themselves for the following symptoms, all indications of female hormone imbalance: retaining water and bloating, continuous urinary tract infections, headaches, difficulty concentrating and remembering, endometriosis, depression and fatigue, the inability to feel aroused, and allergies.

If you are suffering from an hormonal imbalance, please contact me for more information about natural and holistic treatments. My approach is not one that only treats symptoms, but aims also to educate you, so that you might take complete charge of your health.

Balancing Hormones To Ease Menopause Symptoms

balancing hormones
Changing your diet to include more vegetables is a good start to supporting your thyroid in its proper functioning.

The human body has hundreds of hormones working together and against one another. The organs that produce and regulate these hormones, like the adrenal and thyroid glands, can become slow and sluggish under stress, just like other organs. When under stress, balancing hormones for optimum health takes more conscious work to relieve some of the excess strain on our organs. Menopause is one natural life occurrence that can trigger hormone imbalance, but a poor diet, excess stress, or lack of sleep can contribute to imbalances at any life stage.

Mood, weight, energy, and even body temperature are regulated by your thyroid. It plays a vital part in metabolism. Changing your diet to include more vegetables is a good start to supporting your thyroid in its proper functioning. Kelp supplements, along with vitamins C, E, and B-complex are often recommended to help thyroid function, as well.


Produced by the pineal gland in the brain, is responsible for your natural sleep cycle and bodily rhythms. The secretion of melatonin can be thrown off by a number of things, but most commonly by ignoring your natural sleep cycle, and pushing to maintain a hectic schedule. Backlit screens, such as your computer, and bright lights near bedtime can also have a negative effect on melatonin production. Melatonin supplements are available over the counter. Some lifestyle changes that encourage good sleep habits, like not using backlit screens within an hour of bedtime, switching to red lights late in the evening, and waking up at the same time every day can boost your natural melatonin production.


The pancreas produces insulin in response to glucose in the blood. Too little insulin results in glucose in the urine, a classic sign of diabetes. Insulin resistance occurs when the body isn’t using the insulin effectively, causing the pancreas to secrete it in increasing amounts. Incorrect insulin balance from an overworked pancreas can cause weight gain, and trouble losing weight. You may become tired and will have difficulty concentrating. Choosing carbohydrate sources that are absorbed more slowly, and eating more protein can help balance your blood sugar. Chromium is a commonly recommended supplement to help your body use insulin more effectively.

Menopause may be a natural change but it’s a stress on your body. Balancing other hormones will make it easier for your body to bring oestrogen, testosterone, and progesterone back into balance as well, easing menopause symptoms.

Embracing healthy lifestyle changes, and taking natural supplements regularly can help ease the symptoms of menopause and help balance hormones. Each woman’s needs are unique, so if you would like help in attaining internal balance again, please contact me.

Restoring Harmony: Signs That You May Suffer From An Hormone Imbalance

Depression, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia are only a few symptoms of an hormone imbalance. This guide covers the most common signs of hormonal imbalance, and what you can do to help restore your health and harmony.


hormone imbalance
Because our bodies produce less melatonin as we age, melatonin supplements can help increase the length and quality of sleep.

Fat cells produce oestrogen, and extra weight beyond what’s healthy can elevate oestrogen levels, and may be a factor in breast and uterine cancers. Women suffering from menopause commonly experience a drop in oestrogen levels, causing side effects that range from hot flashes to headaches to joint pain.

Getting adequate exercise on a regular basis is essential to improving your oestrogen balance and reducing the risk of cancer. In fact, a postmenopausal woman could cut her risk of breast cancer up to 50 percent if she loses five percent of her body weight.

It may help to avoid foods high in phytoestrogens, including plant compounds that mimic oestrogen, including whole soy products. For menopausal woman who are deficient in oestrogen, there is evidence that supports herbal supplements including hops and black cohosh may alleviate symptoms.


A few years prior to the onset of menopause, many women suffer from deficient testosterone levels as their ovaries and adrenal glands slow the production of sex hormones. This explains why some women experience a drop in libido during the period preceding menopause. Women who lack sufficient levels of testosterone may benefit from a diet that is rich with zinc, such as oysters and sesame seeds. If the problem is severe, testosterone supplements may be of help.

Excess testosterone, on the other hand, could cause irregular periods, male-pattern baldness, and excess body hair. Not only this, but insulin resistance has been linked to an increase of testosterone production. Avoiding refined sugars and other carbohydrates, as well as incorporating more fiber into your diet can help with excess testosterone levels.


Melatonin is the hormone responsible for maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm. Low levels of melatonin can cause poor sleep and depression, disturbing the harmony of your entire body. Without sufficient and quality sleep, your body is unable to properly heal itself naturally, and so is unable to produce the necessary amount of hormones needed to stay healthy.

As we get older, our body tends to produce less melatonin. This may explain why older adults have more trouble sleeping than children do. Taking .5 milligrams of a melatonin supplement one to two hours before bedtime can greatly aid in both quality and length of sleep. Research also shows that drinking a glass of tart cherry juice can increase sleep time in adults with insomnia.

Each woman is unique. What may work for one may not work for another. If you would like to discuss how you can restore harmony in your life, please contact me.

Imbalanced Hormones Leads To Insulin Resistance

Stress is your body’s way of protecting you from perceived or real danger. A product of the fight or flight response, stress causes a hormonal reaction in your body that can have major consequences for your health. Balancing hormones addresses insulin resistance and negative consequences of excess stress hormones.

In response to stress, your adrenal glands produce cortisol and adrenaline hormones. The small adrenal glands regulate your metabolic system, including your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone which helps you metabolize sugar into energy. When your body produces too much adrenaline and not enough cortisol, your body cannot regulate your insulin response properly. Damage to your metabolic system is a major cause of diabetes.

Under stress, your adrenal glands signal your body to raise your blood sugar levels to produce enough energy in order to respond to danger. With enough stress, these glands become fatigued, which can result in wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels and hypoglycemic symptoms. These symptoms include nervousness, irritability, and light-headedness. Maintaining blood-sugar balance is essential for good health, and continual stressors disrupt this balance.

insulin resistance
Providing support for your adrenal glands is essential for your body to regulate hormones and its insulin response. There are a number of natural ways to provide this support.

There are wider consequences of the stress response on your hormones. Not only can there be a disruption of the adrenaline/cortisol balance but your sex hormones are affected, as cortisol levels play an important part in regulating sex hormones. Because it helps your body convert sugar into energy, unbalanced sex hormones are associated with a poor insulin response. One female hormonal disorder, PCOS, causes the body to not be able to process insulin correctly.

Stress-induced hormonal imbalances not only affect your insulin response, it can cause problems with digestion, the cardiovascular and immune systems, and depression. However, all these negative symptoms are linked to the overworked adrenal glands, trying to balance your hormonal system in order to respond appropriately to stress.

Providing support for your adrenal glands is essential for your body to regulate hormones and its insulin response. Luckily, there are a number of natural ways to provide this support. Natural remedies are preferable over synthetic ones because they address the whole body rather than just the symptoms. Drugs rarely address the multi-system failure that occurs from fatigued adrenal glands and insulin resistance.

One way to help your body better respond to stress is with the Chinese herb Ginseng. It is a root which grows to two feet or more and is an ancient treatment for hormonal problems. It has been revered for its wide-ranging positive health effects, including its ability to combat fevers and improve energy levels. It works by stimulating the central nervous system, which in turn helps support adrenal-gland function. Options include ginseng tea and tablets, which, when taken in moderation, can help you deal with your body’s stress response. As a consequence, your insulin levels are able to return towards normal.

Another root, Ashwagandha, is from India’s Ayurvedic medicinal tradition, and can help to balance cortisol levels. When your body creates too much cortisol in response to stress, your adrenal glands are overworked. Eventually your body stops producing enough cortisol your glands are not functioning properly.  and insulin levels

Vitamins also play an important role in supporting your adrenal glands. Adequate amounts of B vitamins are essential for managing your body’s reaction to stress and thus your appropriate insulin levels. These vitamins, including B-12 and B-6 in particular, improve cell metabolism and help with energy production and cell repair. Vitamin C is also important for healthy adrenal glands regulating your hormonal system and insulin response. It is essential in proper cortisol production.

Treating the whole body is important for maintaining proper feedback loops between your adrenal glands, hormones, and insulin levels. To learn more about how to maintain that balance, please contact me.