Animal-assisted Therapy: What we can learn from Dogs

While the sight of a visually-impaired person with a guide dog might be familiar for most people, clinic animal-assisted therapy is not as widely known. Yet many have experienced first-hand the therapeutic effects of animal-assisted therapy.

Animal Assisted Therapy
Unlike service dogs such as guide dogs that live with the person requiring a furry friend’s help, ampoule dogs used in animal-assisted therapy are brought in by healthcare professionals as an integrated part of the treatment process.

This therapy (colloquially also known as ‘pet therapy’) is a growing field within the health sciences. It consists of using domesticated animals to help people recover from or cope with health ailments. s, Pet therapy – Learning to Cope with Stress from Dogs

Major sources of stress include hostile work environments and other difficult personal relationships. Animal-assisted therapy has been found particularly effective in working with people who have social anxiety.

Psychologically balanced, properly trained dogs (those used in pet therapy) are able to read social cues from other dogs as well as people and respond appropriately. Interacting with a therapy dog provides a safe space to work on building the ability to interact with others and respond with awareness and sensitivity. Dogs know when to back down in high-stress situations, something we’d do well to learn for ourselves.

Remembering to Play – Pets’ Stress Reduction Lessons

Another important lesson that animal-assisted therapy dogs teach us is how important play is. Dogs, especially young dogs, love to play games such as tug-of-war and love the adrenalin rush of chasing each other playfully.

This play has many positive benefits – it provides healthy exercise, uses excess adrenalin and releases stress, and provides means for developing better social understanding with canine peers. Neglecting play in your life – time for recreational exercise and fun – can let stress build up to the point it becomes unmanageable.

This can also place strain on your social relationships and your ability to navigate the independent wants and needs of important people in your life. Instead of allowing this to happen, find a way to schedule time for play into your daily routine.

Do you need help in managing stress? Schedule an appointment with Dr Alison today and rediscover the stress management that many other species perform instinctively.

3 Foods that are great at Naturally Reducing Stress

workplace stress symptoms

Many studies have outlined the dangerous effects of chronic stress. Stress hormones, sovaldi sale cortisol in particular, can impair cognitive function when produced in overdrive.

Yet there are natural stress solutions that can help to improve your quality of life. Reducing stress can start with small dietary changes you can easily implement today.

Here are three foods that have stress-combatting effects:

Green and Leafy – Nature’s Stress Solutions You may have heard it repeated often, but green, leafy vegetables are some of the healthiest stress-busting foods. Besides the good amounts of iron and other important minerals in leafy vegetables such as spinach, studies have found that leafy vegetables contain folates that promote dopamine (the feel-good hormone) production. In addition to having positive effects on brain chemistry, leafy vegetables also provide a good source of the fibre essential for good digestive health.

Reducing Stress with Superfood Seeds Another good source of stress-busting nutrients is seeds. Pumpkin and sunflower, chia and other seeds are great sources of nutrients such as magnesium. Magnesium is thought to play a role in alleviating depression and irritability, assisting the brain’s mood-regulating mechanisms. Seeds are especially convenient as you can get your daily requirements through a healthy snack mix or by sprinkling them liberally over your morning meal.

When Stress is too much, Indulge (Moderately) If you aren’t wild about the taste of kale or you are not ecstatic about seeds, these are not the only nutritional stress solutions. It has been shown, in fact, that dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids) helps to relieve stress if eaten in moderation. Cocoa in chocolate boosts serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, and has been found to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Do you need to find additional stress solutions? Contact Dr Alison and learn how to reduce stress effectively today.

Suggested link between low Vitamin D and testosterone

Hormonal changes are a natural part of aging, sovaldi but our health is complex and any physical condition can be caused by a range of factors. A recent test group has investigated one possible factor for low testosterone in men: low vitamin D.

A study presented to the American Urological Association at their annual meeting in New Orleans suggests a link between deficiency in this important vitamin and lower male hormones.

A recent test group has investigated one possible factor for low testosterone in men: low vitamin D.
A recent test group has investigated one possible factor for low testosterone in men: low vitamin D.

In the study, medical experts analysed data from the World Trade Center’s health program to test for vitamin D levels in blood samples taken from 824 men.

Analysing vitamin D levels was conducted alongside hormonal balance and it was found that levels of a particular form of vitamin D were lacking in 68% of men sampled. It was also found that testosterone levels were mostly higher in men who had normal vitamin D levels. This suggested a link.

The study quoted a German report that found that overweight men who took 3000 IU of vitamin D daily increased their testosterone levels within 12 months.

While there is a clear association between vitamin D levels and male hormones, the exact nature of this link is still unclear. Even so, men who find that their testosterone levels are flagging as they grow older have numerous dietary and lifestyle options for restoring a feeling of vigour and wellbeing. Exercise is one important factor for helping the body synthesize testosterone.

One medical Dr from Boston University was sceptical about the link between vitamin D and low testosterone, given that the German trial mentioned focused on weight loss, which is thought to normalize testosterone itself. Either way, vitamin D is important for preventing cardiovascular disease and for boosting the immune system.

Are you looking for a natural way to find hormonal balance? Speak to Dr Alison about her nature-identical hormone therapy.

Eat yourself Healthy – An Alkali Food Chart Resource

Eat yourself Healthy – An Alkali Food Chart Resource
If your system’s pH is a little more acidic than it should be, discount it can be indicative of an acid forming diet or emotional stress.

It is common knowledge that the foods we eat have a marked effect on the states of our bodies and minds. Understanding one particular aspect of food – how the alkalinity and acidity of different foods affect the body – is useful. To this end, Paul Lynn MD, a member of the International College of Integrative Medicine, has put together food charts outlining whether specific food groups produce alkalinity or acidity.

When we talk about acidity and alkalinity, one of the easiest mistakes we can make is to confuse the pH value of a food item with its effect.  PH values are number between 0 to 14 that indicate whether a compound is acidic or alkaline. Chemical compounds that lie between 0 and 7 are acidic, while those between 7 and 14 are alkaline.

As Dr Lynn shows in his charts, foods that might be considered acidic in themselves can nonetheless be alkalizing for the body. You maybe wouldn’t associate milky or creamy food with the acidity of, for example, a lemon, but cheese is one of the strongest acidity-forming food substances. Fruits, leafy green vegetables and some beans and legumes have a net alkalizing effect, while meats, fish and seafood as well as some grains and nuts contribute acidity.

What are the health implications of the degree of alkalinity or acidity contributed by foods to your body? If your system’s pH is a little more acidic than it should be, it can be indicative of an acid forming diet or emotional stress. This acidic state is said to cause the body to use alkaline minerals that are important for maintaining wellbeing. Many complementary health practitioners who focus on diet thus suggest that you eat a diet consisting of more alkalizing than acidifying foods. As in any diet, moderation is the key to good health. You can find Dr Lynn’s charts and use them as a guide here.

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Love Natural? Love Organic? Come See Dr Alison Exhibit

This year, viagra sale Dr Alison will be exhibiting and speaking at the healthy lifestyle event of the year – the ‘Love natural, healing love organic’ trade show. The event promises a fully interactive experience for lovers of all things organic and earth-friendly. The annual event attracts tens of thousands of visitors (with an expected turnout of 30, 000 visitors for 2015), and is taking place between the third and the fifth of July at the Olympia in London.

Besides exhibiting and spreading the word about her nature-identical hormone replacement therapy and lifestyle coaching, Dr Alison will be presenting a talk on Sunday the 5th of July. Dr Alison is one of only 10 speakers and will present a talk titled ‘Stop the Stress! 3 vital steps to ditch your biggest enemy and boost your inner vitality!’ Through this talk, Dr Alison will present attendants with some of the best stress-reduction techniques she has learned through her years of medical practice and lifestyle coaching.

In addition to Dr Alison’s talk, there will be plenty to see and do at the Love Natural, Love Organic fair. From organic spa treatments to ethical, natural clothing, accessories and household products, you can find many interactive experiences and all-natural items for sale. If you will be travelling from outside of London, you can find a handy guide to travel and hotels on the Love Natural, Love Organic website, here.

If you are interested in attending Dr Alison’s talk, make sure to book in advance so as to avoid disappointment. Other talks at the event will cover subjects such as children’s diets and organic food and there will also be healthy cooking demonstrations. Dr Alison looks forward to seeing you at the Olympia!

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Debunking Myths about Menopause and Sex Hormones

Debunking Myths about Menopause and Sex HormonesA healthy, pill intimate marriage or relationship is built on numerous cornerstones. These include trust, link honesty and mutual respect, but they also include the physical, sensuous side of things.

There are a number of myths surrounding women’s sexuality and menopause: ‘Your sex drive will inevitably decrease’ warn some, while others claim ‘hormone replacement will completely restore your sex drive’.

Many peri- and post-menopausal women are able to enjoy fulfilling sex lives thanks to taking bioidentical hormones, but this is one effective part of a holistic approach to mature sex.

The first myth: ‘Menopause decreases your sex drive’

While it is true that many people – both male and female – grow less ardently physical as they grow older, menopause should not be seen as the final death knell for all sexual activity. Decreased libido can have multiple underlying causes, including discomforting menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness.

In addition to reducing the extremity of these symptoms, treatment with bioidentical hormones helps to reduce the fatigue and irritability that you can experience in menopause. Both these issues can negatively impact your sex drive if left unaddressed. With the greater energy BHRT yields and the help of a good personal lubricant, sex can be as good as ever well into your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

The second myth: ‘BHRT will Completely Restore your Sex Drive’

Is BHRT magic? No. It is one of the myths about menopause that hormone replacement is a complete cure for every symptom. Lifestyle changes are also important, however. Menopause symptoms that can inhibit physical intimacy may be improved, but if physical passion in your relationship wanes there might be other underlying reasons.

Many couples enter a state of comfort in which mystique and tease all but disappear. Reading tips in the sex and relationships sections of reputable medical websites or visiting a sex therapist (if you can persuade your partner to do so) can help you to rediscover zest for each other as physical, sexual beings. This will also help you add a more sensual element to your lifestyle.

Dr Alison Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Dr Alison Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Dr Alison Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Dr Alison is sought-after as a corporate speaker and workshop coordinator. Her skill in public speaking was recently confirmed when she was given a Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award.

Toastmasters is an international organisation specializing in world-leading communication and leadership education. The organisation is 313, there 000 members strong, ailment with more than 14, 000 clubs spread across 126 countries.

It is the organisation’s mission to empower people to become excellent communicators and leaders. The organisation believes the world needs leaders who are capable of coaching teams, running businesses and mentoring others.

The Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award is given to individuals who successfully complete a series of 10 projects and speaking engagements. This series of tasks is designed to develop public speakers’ dynamism. Elements of public speaking covered include organizing the parts of a speech into a cohesive whole and using body language effectively. This course helps keynote speakers express themselves in an impactful, audience-engaging way.

Having Dr Alison speak at your event adds an engaging educational and inspirational element to proceedings. Ever since pioneering her healthy hormone therapy system, Dr Alison has performed extensive one-on-one coaching and mentoring focused on healthy living and stress reduction. As someone who has forged her own path in the medical profession, she is able to provide insights into many subjects, from how to reduce stress to running your own business.

Dr Alison’s primary corporate work is in helping companies teach employees effective stress management. Through years of working with individuals suffering from excess stress, Dr Alison has gained a deep understanding of how to avoid stress mismanagement. Her recent communication award has proven her the ability to impart this knowledge effectively, so that it brings forth positive transformation.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next corporate event? Contact Dr Alison. Early bookings are advised.


Improving Short-term Memory: A Holistic Approach

Short-term memory or primary memory is crucial for daily life: whether remembering to keep appointments or perform important tasks, unhealthy your short-term memory is what lets you make plans on Monday and carry them out on Thursday without a verbal or electronic reminder.

Many women experience worsening short-term memory around the onset of menopause. There are differing opinions as to why this is. Some suggest that hormonal changes may affect your ability to recall, while others suggest that the increased stress associated with untreated menopause symptoms is what causes forgetfulness. Whatever the cause, holistically improving your short-term memory through effective methods and lifestyle changes is possible.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Short-term Memory

Fatigue and insomnia are two problems that reduce your ability to store and recall information effectively. These are both symptoms linked to the onset of menopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement eases symptoms that are caused by fluctuating hormone levels, and this in turn can improve short term memory by reducing distracting physical sensations. In addition to following a hormone replacement plan tailored to your age and health profile, there are additional ways you can improve your short-term memory holistically.

Methods for a Holistic Approach to Short-Term Memory

Do you have a constant feeling of brain fog? In addition to making sure that you get enough sleep and combat the sleep-related symptoms of menopause with BHRT, here are measures you can take to improve your memory holistically:

  • Learn ancient memory tricks: If you need to memorise a to-do list, visualize assigning each item on your list in sequence to a place along your daily routine. For example, your front door could be given the association ‘buy groceries’ while the front gate you might associate with ‘make a doctor’s appointment’. When you take this pre-planned route, the reminders you have stored at these points should return to you.
  • Take quality health supplements that support optimal cognitive function. Your doctor can recommend the best supplements for your profile.
  • Alcohol and stress are both proven to reduce optimal memory function: try cutting your intake if you drink regularly, and learn relaxation techniques that will help you maintain enhanced mental clarity.




The 5 Benefits of Raw Juicing

The 5 Benefits of Raw JuicingOver the last several years, generic raw juicing – consuming juices made from vegetables and fruits as a meal supplement or meal replacement – has become an increasingly popular food trend. This is certainly one way to ensure that you get your recommended ‘5 a day’, the five daily portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization recommends. Here are five benefits of raw juicing:

1.  Juicing Eases Digestion

A healthy liquid blend of green vegetables and fruit leaves less work for your body’s digestive system, as liquefied nutrition is ready for absorption. Just remember to leave in the pulp – this is valuable fibre that maintains good digestion.

2.  It prevents nutrients from being lost through heating

Nutrition gurus don’t agree on whether or not cooking lowers the nutritional value of plants (some say cooking can raise certain nutrients while lowering others). What is certain is that at least some nutrients are diminished through cooking, so juicing lets you balance the pros of cooked food with the pros of raw.

3.  It makes it easier to eat the less palatable superfoods

There are many vegetables that people do not enjoy. If there is one vegetable you find hard to stomach, be it kale or beetroot, juicing makes it easier to enjoy the unique nutritional matrix of each of these foods. Simply add an apple or a sweet fruit such as a kiwi to your raw green vegetable juice to balance out any bitterness.

4.  Juicing lets you get all your vital vitamins and antioxidants in one drink

Many people have vitamin deficiencies due to unbalanced diets. One of the benefits of raw juicing is that you can mix the high vitamin content of many fruits (particularly vitamin C) with vital minerals and amino acids found in vegetables in a single, convenient cocktail.

5.  It gives you energy

Many juicing fanatics report increased energy levels, whether this is because of the energy saved on digesting solid food or due to trying fruits and vegetables they would otherwise seldom consume.

Are you in need of health-giving lifestyle changes that go beyond nutrition? Contact Dr Alison today to find out about her one-on-one wellness coaching.


3 Natural Ways to Treat Menopause

Do you feel trapped in a hormone prison, <a href=click weighed down by sluggishness and a feeling that just isn’t you? Menopause doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy, prescription happy self. ” width=”300″ height=”199″ />Do you feel trapped in a hormone prison, weighed down by sluggishness and a feeling that just isn’t you? Menopause doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy, happy self. There are natural ways that you can treat menopause and banish menopausal symptoms like these. Here are three to get you started:

1. Reduce your stress levels by implementing stress management techniques and evaluating your work life balance. Many menopausal women experience stress, anxiety and depression and are often prescribed antidepressants or HRT. However, reducing your stress levels can have a dramatic impact on the way that you feel without the need to resort to HRT.

2. Healthy lifestyle and exercise: yoga, meditation, calm breathing techniques, and relaxation will help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle during this phase and can help you on the journey to restoring balance in your body. Restoring your vitality and taking a holistic approach to your body is an important factor when addressing menopause treatment.

3. Bio Identical Hormone Therapy can help relieve symptoms, with a unique and tailored approach designed for each woman to identify hormonal imbalances caused by menopause. Bio-identical hormones replicate your body’s natural resources and offer a safer, more natural approach to restoring your body’s natural vitality.
If you feel stressed and over-busy, it’s time for you to evaluate your work life balance and focus on better relaxation for healthier living. Employ a holistic approach to managing your symptoms and restore your body’s natural vitality.