Corporate Bookings

Dr Alison Grimston is a highly-sought after Corporate Speaker and Workshop Coordinator.

There are many ways you can work an anti-stress workshop or lecture into your next corporate retreat or networking event.

Dr Alison can share knowledge drawn from extensive experience coaching professionals in how to cope with work-related stress.

Teaching members of your workforce the coping tactics for dealing with stress in high-pressure professional environments has many benefits.

lack of sleepWorkers who are under less physical stress perform better, seek and take fewer sick days.

The loss of sleep caused by stress can also be a hazard for the workplace, clinic as high stress and sleeplessness can:-

  • Decrease cognitive function
  • Worsen underlying behavioural problems
  • Increase forgetfulness
  • Reduce judgement and decision-making capabilities

Speaking for corporate events on stress management is something that Dr Alison takes great passion in, order along with sharing her proven methods with professionals in top level management positions.

As a professional who built her own practice from the ground up according to her own personal vision, Dr Alison knows the stresses and pressures that come with doing business.

She knows its risks and challenges, along with the coping tactics that help to make cracking under pressure a less likely possibility.

To hire Dr Alison for a speaking engagement, early booking is advised. Click here to get in touch and request a bespoke quote for your event. 

  • Corporate workshops
  • Keynote speaking
  • Executive packages
  • Consultation for employees
  • Tailored workshops
  • Managed events

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